meaning of the criminal tattoo

a criminal tattoo

Today, I will explain about the criminal tattoo. I really like Taken, and when I watch that movie,
The tattoos of the villains in the third episode were so pretty. So I found out that it was a Russian tattoo.

Originally, tattoos were often used by criminals unlike today, so it was inevitable to avoid negative perceptions.
Unlike other countries, Russia still has a very strong negative perception about tattoos.

The Russian criminal tattoos I’m introducing to you were a very popular tattoo from the early 1900s to the mid- to late 1900s.
It is said that criminals, mostly Russians, were worked on their crimes in prison.
The reason is to express the group or position to which you belong.

But unlike today’s professional machines, they’re working with razor blades and awl.
They say it’s expressed roughly expressed. Still, the reason why I received the work steadily is because I wanted to express my position rather than beauty.
I think it’s big.

Many of the designs of criminal tattoos originally used bad design.
Like Hitler’s war flag.

To express the designs of Russian criminal tattoos,
Extension: Respected position with a high position within the organization
Cross in the Plain Part: means that the status is quite high in the rear world as well as in the organization.
St. Mary: It means that you have committed a crime since you were a child, and it also includes the meaning of God’s protection even if you commit a crime.


Byul: It means that you are in an organization that you are currently affiliated with.
The star of the knee means not to kneel.
Joker: a gambler.
Tiger: Assaulting and murdering police and prison guards
SS: Not confessing to the end
Rose: Coming of age in prison
Spider: Drug dealer
Spider web: drug addict
Cat: Thief (in Russia, cats are a symbol of good luck to thieves.) One is a single crime, and the other is a group robbery.
Butterfly: There’s a history of escape.
beetle: pickpocket
Dagger across the neck: Killing a person with a knife; committing murder in prison.
Bat: Thief
Handcuffs on the wrist: 5 years in prison per handcuff
wire on the forehead: a person sentenced to life in prison
Jong: Meaning you’ve been to prison.
A monk who writes a book: a dexterity with his hands is heavy; he is primarily guilty of theft.
cage: life imprisonment
Skull: Murder
Eyes on the chest: always looking at you.
I will live freely in defiance of the law.